About Us

Ryder Innovations Inc.

Just over six years ago my wife and I had an idea for a product that would take the effort out of having smooth, silky feet. I had watched her sand her feet with my electric palm sander in the garage. It actually worked very well but the sander was much too heavy and cumbersome.  After a couple of discussions, we came up with the idea to make a smaller hand held device that could be used in the home.

Six years later, with a US patent in hand we created Ryder Innovations Inc.and partnered with my friend and associate Eric Corl of Idea Buyer to bring this innovative idea into the marketplace and into your home. Our idea has turned into a product called ‘Silky Feet’.

It will make your feet look and feel like never before with less effort than ever before. You too will have those ‘Silky Feet’ you have always wanted.